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Launch of Flat White

Coffee Republic has launched its version of the Flat White espresso based coffee drink after an extensive nationwide staff training programme.

Made with a double shot espresso topped with creamy textured hot milk, the Flat White has long been popular in the Antipodes and has now caught the mood of coffee drinkers in the UK.

Coffee Republic owner Tariq Affara believes the new Flat White packs the taste that his customers are looking for: “This is a welcome addition to the range and one that has been in demand by our customers for some time. Our coffee is prized for its rich and complex flavour, and the technique we use in preparing the Flat White allows the taste to come through the milk immediately making it a different experience from others on the market. The smaller size of the drink is also likely to be appealing to a good number of people. I don’t think it will take long to catch on.”