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Coffee Republic opens in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Coffee Republic’s first bar in Saudi Arabia has opened this week, in the Attallah Commercial Centre in Jeddah. The Grand Opening is scheduled for February 3, when the British ambassador of Saudi Arabia and mayor of Jeddah are to be in attendance.


Coffee Republic opens in Camberley Shopping Centre

Coffee Republic has taken the New Mall Café in Main Square, Camberley Shopping Centre, on a new 10-year lease at a rental of £57,500 pa, with five-yearly rent reviews. The unit totals 1,200 sq ft and is prominently located in the shopping centre, owned by The Mall Corporation.



Barclays’ ‘contactless card’ plans

Barclays has announced plans to be the first UK bank to issue contactless payment debit cards to its customers.

The group said from March most Barclays debit cards that were issued or reissued would include technology enabling people to pay for items costing £10 or less simply by holding their card up to a terminal without even taking it out of their wallet.

The money from the transaction is then debited from their account just as it would be for a standard debit card purchase.

The cards will still have chip and Pin functions, enabling them to be used for transactions of more than £10 or to withdraw money from cash machines.

More than 8,000 retailers already accept contactless payments, including Pret A Manger, Coffee Republic, and EAT, as well as many independent retailers such as news agents and dry cleaners.

The group was the first to introduce contactless payment technology on credit cards through its Barclaycard subsidiary in September 2007. The Barclaycard OnePulse combined an Oyster card for use on London transport, a credit card and a contactless payment card.

Mark Parsons, managing director of current accounts at Barclays, said: “We were the first to launch the debit card in 1987 and now we are the first to give our customers the latest incarnation – the contactless debit card.

“This gives people a new way to pay for things that is quick, secure and convenient and we are confident that it is going to be really popular with customers.”

In September Barclaycard announced that it was investing a seven-figure sum in contactless payment technology in a move which could eventually consign plastic cards to history.

The group said it was looking at enabling consumers to use the things they carried around with them, such as their mobile phones, key fobs and even their eyes or finger prints, to make payments, rather than relying on cards.